Samsung LABGEO IB10

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Dimension (mm): 175(W)x330(D)x180(H)

Weight (kg): 2.4 (without battery)

Method: One Step Sandwich Reaction

Sample Type: Lithium Heparinized Whole Blood and Plasma

Sample Volume (µl): Lithium Heparinized Whole Blood and Plasma 150 ~ 500 µl

Time to Result: = 20 mins

IT Solution: Samsung LABGEO Data Manager, RMS (Remote Management System)

Interface: USB 2.0 Port, Ethernet (10/100 Base-T), Wireless LAN

Options: Battery, Barcode Reader

Mobile Laboratory

The compact and lightweight Samsung LABGEOIB10 provides outstanding portability, thanks to having the option of being used as a battery-powered device. It is a type of in-vitro diagnosis equipment that can be used quickly and easily in moving ambulances and emergencies.

Supports Accurate Results and Various Tests

The Samsung LABGEOIB10 is capable of performing a maximum of 3 tests in 20 minutes without sacrificing accuracy. Cardiac marker tests are completed within the 30 minutes recommended by ESC, which makes the product effective in situatuions requiring urgent testing. It also supports a variety of other tests, including infectious disease tests.

Simple and Easy Processes

When you inject blood into the reagent disk for testing and insert the disk into the unit, the test begins automatically without a centrifugation process. Also, the calibration information is embedded in the QR code, removing the need for a separate calibration process. The user can easily acquire test results through this process.

Ergonomic Design

The Samsung LABGEOIB10 was awarded an iF award for its outstand- ing portability and ergonomic design for easy use. Despite its small size, it is equipped with a large 10.9 touch screen LCD and an intui- tive GUI so the user can check test results quickly and easily

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